My Sunday…

I spent last night and this morning at parents in Pennsylvania with my wife and daughter, we had a very nice time, thanks for asking. We live two hours away and my parents don’t see as much of their granddaughter as they might like but as you can imagine the time just gets away from you on the weekends. Anyway this morning my daughter awoke around 6AM and my wife snapped up from bed and spent 6-9AM with her at which time she usually goes down for a nap, but due to the strange surroundings this was not the case today. I had to take here for a walk, as usual she passed out about 15 minutes into it. I returned to my parents garage parked the stiller, open a folding chair and broke out my laptop an proceeded to watch “Revolution OS” (for the umteenth time).

While watching it dawned on me that while many people have heard of GNU and the copyleft license, many of them may not know the origin of GNU so I though I would publish the link to Richard Stallman’s GNU manifesto.

Wow, that was a long winded message for a link to the GNU manifesto.


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