Notes from Tucci / Maritz Keynote

EMC Market Share

  • External Disk 28%
  • Networked Storage 28%
  • VMware Environments 48%
Areas of Growing Interest
  • Server Virtualization
  • FCoE
  • Cloud-based Storage
  • Datacenter efficiency "green"
Tucci Quote:
  • "SSD (aka EFD) Tuned Arrays will Totally Change the Game"
Declining EFD Pricing
  • 1Q08 – EFD 40x more expensive than FC rotational disk
  • 3Q08 – EFD 22x more expensive than FC rotational disk
  • 1Q09 – EFD 8x more expensive than FC rotational disk
What’s Next in IT
  • Virtual Data Centers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Clients
  • Virtual Applications
Data Center Computing vs. Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Attributes:  Trusted, Controlled, Reliable, Secure
  • Cloud Attributes:  Dynamic, Efficient, On-demand, Flexible
EMC (Tucci) proposes that by Virtualizing the Data Center we are converting the traditional data center into an internal cloud,  ahhhh vCloud :)….  Could this picture be anymore cloudy?
I see the thought process and vision here but will the average end user comprehend this?
I fully expect someone to ask me next week if they can vMotion from their internal cloud (legacy vMware farm) to the EMC AtmosSphere.
Ohhhh my, now we have a slide federating the private and public cloud, can’t wait to fill out that qualifier.
Favorite Cloude Quote:  
Paul Maritz – Cloud California motels "check your applications in, but they can’t get out" – Hmmm, sounds like a little know on Amazon’s S3 SimpleDB.
Final thought, has EMC/VMware decided to prefix all terms with "v" (e.g. – vSphere) while Microsoft has decided to use the letter "v" as a suffix (e.g. – Hyper-V)?  


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