Dell to Pay $1.4B for EqualLogic – Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) News Analysis – Byte and Switch

Dell to Pay $1.4B for EqualLogic – Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) News Analysis – Byte and Switch.

Interesting acquisition by DELL… I am attending the EMC Parter Advocate Conferernce today and tomorrow.  DELL was added to the agenda as a key discussion topic – no surprise there.  I am sure there will be some continued discussion around on this over the next couple of days and I will pass on information where possible.  The overwelhming message thus far is “business as usual”, DELL will leverage EquilLogic as an extension of the PowerVault series which has always been based on LSI controller technology (not EMC), this will not impact the market where DELL has positioned EMC?  EMC has recently reinked the relationship with DELL and expects the relationship to continue to grow.

If you read this this article it certainly sounds like DELL will try to take the PowerVault up market.  I have to believe that uncertainty in in the field and other factos will in fact lead to a more heated co-opetition arragement between DELL and EMC.

“…Specifically, Dell is planning to build EqualLogic’s technology into its 1000, 3000, and 3000i PowerVault disk arrays. Arterbury would not go into specific details about this integration plan, but he confirmed that EqualLogic’s PS Series hardware could form the basis of a new high-end PowerVault device…”

I have to believe this will erode some portion of what I understand to be ~ 600 – 700 MM in DELL generated commercial space revenue.  In total DELL accounts for ~ 1.4 billion in EMC annual revenues and this number has been growing.  The big question is will DELL begin to account for less revenue which provides opportunity for smaller integrators or will some portion of this revenue shift to EqualLogic?

I dunno, I remember the days of the EMC & HP relationship when 1 billion in annual revenue disapeared overnight, the EMC of today is far more diversified so the effects of this aquisition are far less magnified but still noteworthy.

Greetings from EMC World 2007

It’s that time of year again… EMC World 2007 kicked off yesterday with a keynote by Joe Tucci.  How the industry has changed over the past 6 years.  Discussions which 6 years ago centered around back-end infrastructure, performance, SLAs, etc… all supporting B2B applications and corporate infrastructure have been replaced by discussions primarily focused on consumer applications such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc…  I am looking forward to Mark Lewis’ keynote tomorrow which he entitles “living in a 2.0 world”.  The need has always been created bu the consumer space but never in history has the consumer had the level of visibility into the back-end infrastructure that they do today.  Users today immediately know when site like YouTube and Facebook are offline, when their cell phones gps is down, when IM is offline, when they can’t download music from iTunes and the list goes on and on.  Social networking sites have proven that they will become if not already a primary communication medium, they are the new brick and mortar businesses.  Welcome to the 2.0 world.

A final thought, last night I had dinner at Charley’s Steak House, my good friend at exercised his poetic culinary license last night.  I suggest checking it out.