VMworld 2006 Interesting Stats

I think I captured most of the relevant stats but I may have missed a few.

Revenue growth:

  • 2001 – 8 Million
  • 2002 – 22 Million
  • 2003 – 76 Million
  • 2004 – 218 Million
  • 2005 – 387 Million
  • 2006 (3 Quarters)- 477 Million

Revenue breakdown:

  • 2005 – 82% from partners
  • 2006 – 85% from partners

60% of Virtual Infrastructure implementations are on SAN infrastructure

Estimated Terabytes directly driven by virtualization:

  • 2004 – 8 TB
  • 2005 – 26 TB
  • 2006 – 61 TB
  • 2007 – 126 TB

Average Deal Size:

  • 2004 – 13K
  • 2005 – 37K
  • 2006 – 50K
  • Services drag of 4X

Partners who do VMware and Microsoft services related work will make more money on VMware services than they will on Microsoft related services.

Partners are reporting 23% account base penetration estimated to grow to 45% over the next 2 years.

Market is made up of 38 million x86 servers VMware is installed on 4%.

VMworld 2006 Awards

Technical Achievement Awards

  • Americas
    • LongView
  • EMEA
    • Bechtle
  • APAC
    • Commander
  • Global
    • INS
    • 50 VCPs growing to 65 in the 2 months

Market Maker Awards

  • Americas
    • Entisys
  • EMEA
    • ATEA
  • APAC
    • GT Enterprises

Rising Star Awards

  • Americas
    • IT Partners
  • EMEA
    • ITAA (IT Alignment Associates)
  • APAC
    • NTT Data

Value Added Distributors

  • France based AmosDec

The eve of VMworld 2006

On the eve of VMware 2006 I though I should post a blog. Nothing much to say other than I expect this to be an active blog week. I will be logging directly from VMworld hopefully in real time. Couple of thoughts to start the week off.

First I need to vent about the schedule builder schedule builder – I feel like I am eighteen again registering for college classes. Typically as the week progresses at these things I like to solicit feedback from other attendees and it’s nice to be able to morph my schedule and stay away from the sessions that suck, this is kind of hard when I need to be “on the list” – Is this a tech conference or a night club. I think someone needs to take a lesson from their big brother and have a format that closer resembles EMC World (previously the EMC Technology Summit) which in my opinion is probably one of the best run technology conferences going.

Looking forward to a few sessions this week, in particular:

  • VMware Community Source Update & Opportunities
  • VMware and Hardware Assist Technology (Intel VT and AMD
  • SDK Programming
  • mark: A Scalable Benchmark for Virtualized Systems
  • Virtualization Management APIs: VMware, DMTF and Xen
  • VIX Programming
  • VMware Lab Manager: Technical Sales Overview
    • Little worried about the depth of this session, could be weak.

In case you have not noticed I am really interesting in information related to the extensibility of VI3 because I believe there is significant value in creating elegant solutions by getting outside the box.

See you all there and have a great week.