OS X as Vista VMware Guest OS

I am now successfully running OS X as a VMware Guest OS. This was just a Sunday afternoon project to kill some free time… The UI is a bit slow and the networking requires a little tweaking to get it working but other than that everything works OK out of the box. To get more information on how to do this check out this link.

Here a screen shot of my Vista desktop running OS X:


7 thoughts on “OS X as Vista VMware Guest OS

  1. How much RAM do you give the VM? I ran OSX on VMware Server before and it was terribly slow even with 1GB allocated to it. I wonder what would be the optimal amount to give for a real usable OSX VM.

  2. IMHO you really need at least 2 gig to run OS X 10.5.x nicely in a non-VM environment. Not sure about VM on Vista. It sounds just…. ewww…

  3. I would agree that OS X in a VM is not going to set a land speed record anytime soon, but if you are looking to develop or test a cross platform application the performance is tolerable and you don’t need to buy a Mac to do it.

  4. Hi, Thanks for this very useful post. Were you able to: a) hear
    sound from apps running on OSX, i.e. any sound driver issues? b)any
    networking issues (internet connectivity ok from within OSX)? c)
    were you able to print from within OSX, or at least transfer files
    from within OSX to windows to print from vista? Thanks for taking
    the time to reply. Best.

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