Cisco Nexus 5000 video from Nexus class lab

Here is a video from my Nexus 5000 lab, captured most of the session.  You can view a high-res version of the video here.  If you have not seen the Nexus 5000 in action this may be interesting.

8 thoughts on “Cisco Nexus 5000 video from Nexus class lab

  1. Hi,


    It would be very interesting, i downloaded it but i cant watch
    it. which program should i use to see it? i tried everything.




  2. Hi I tried to play the video but didn’t work I tried with MP3 real
    player quick time but none of them worked is there any specific
    software or the file corrupted. I don’t know where you live but I
    am in Sydney Australia and I would be really appreciated if I can
    get this video. Regards Michael

  3. Hi,

    high-res version of the video link is not working…

    I got a project , where I have to work on nexus switches..


    Pls send me a new link for this this video … I think that will
    help me a lot …


    I will trully appreciate your effort ,


    Thanks in advence,


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