SMP clusters and virtualization post response

On September 14, 2006 aweeks on responded to my SMP clusters and virtualization post by stating that Don Becker’s statement is “ignorant”, a word I intentionally avoided in my original post due to the harsh tone. Let me further clarify my original post by stating that I believe most pioneers like Don Becker need to be arrogant! They are blazing the trail and in my opinion arrogance begets fortitude. Don Becker’s idealism causes him to ignore the fact that Microsoft owns a large portion of the market and x86 virtualization solves inadequacies in the Micro$haft Windows operating system. Again his ability to disregard this truth can only be viewed as an attribute when trying to develop a superior emerging technology. There is a place for x86 virtualization today but who knows what the future will hold. After reading aweeks’ post I realized that I was the “ignorant” one to not understand and commend Don Becker’s hard line aggressive view. In a world of David and Goliath where marketing spin suppresses innovation and stifles technological advances, I am glad there are people like Don Becker.


5 thoughts on “SMP clusters and virtualization post response

  1. You didn’t like my use of the word ignorant? Ignorant, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified”. I truely feel that this is the case with Mr Becker. Being arrogant is one thing. If he told me why virtualization wasn’t the right way to go, I’d call that arrogant. But to make a sweeping statement at virtualization doesn’t solve any problems is just not true.

  2. The Merrian-Webster definition is not of concern, it is the implicit meaning of the work ignorant vs. the less abrasive uninformed. Put down the kool aid for a moment 🙂 and think about how difficult it is for a David to be heard in a world full of Goliaths. Now realize that the results the Davids yield are often proportionate to the conviction of the evangelist. Right, wrong or indifferent you have to respect and value his gonads in a world where the market makers would love everyone to be in their camp!

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