Staying current… Cont’d

On September 6th I posted a blog entitled “Staying current…”. I just started to watch Robert Scoble’s very well done vlog. For those of you who don’t know who Robert Scoble is??? Yes, these people do seem to exist, as bizzarre as this sounds… He is a pioneer in the blogsphere, one of the earliest bloggers at Microsoft to go counter cultural! While working as an technical evangelist Scoble maintained Scobleizer

In the Febuary 15th, 2005 issue of The Economist Scoble’s influence was depicted by this quote:

“He has become a minor celebrity among geeks worldwide, who read his blog religiously. Impressively, he has also succeeded where small armies of more conventional public-relations types have been failing abjectly for years: he has made Microsoft, with its history of monopolistic bullying, appear marginally but noticeably less evil to the outside world, and especially to the independent software developers that are his core audience”

Scoble’s honest unfiltered commentary left uncensored by Microsoft has actually helped better Microsoft’s reputation.

Anyway I am off on that censorship tangent again. Check out the vlog it is very well done and quite informative.


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