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I was talking last week with a customer recently about power requirements in their co-location facility. I am sure it does not come as a shock to most that the biggest problem and cost facing data centers is not space but rather power. Despite all of our green efforts computer equipment continues to suck a massive amount of juice and I don’t think there is a realistic solution to this age old problem on the near-term horizon. Many data centers are aging and require a complete and costly retooling – Enter California Co-Lo(s), a wholly owned subsidiary of California Closets – Obviously I am joking but is this not a catchy idea :). At California Co-Lo(s) we have our eye on designing the green data center of tomorrow while incorporating organization, ascetics and a sense of style to accommodate even the most discriminating Metrotechie. Our data centers architects are certified Feng Shui practitioners so not only will your data center be green, economical, organized and stylish but California Co-Lo(s) invokes a sense of peace amidst the drab white backdrop, dull hum of equipment, blinking equipment lights, flickering florescent lighting, arctic temperatures and halon systems that comprise what we call the data center. Reach out an call one of out Co-Lo counselors. Could you imagine – LOL….

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