New Navi Look-and-Feel

Navispphere emerging from the dark ages with a new look-and-feel
Key takeaways from Navisphere Birds-of-a-Feather session:
  • New Navisphere will adhere to the EMC Common Management Initiative
  • Task focus UI vs old object based UI
    • Improved Navigation, multiple entry points, drill down
    • Improved scalability
  • Summary pages with aggregated data
  • Hardware diagrams with exploded views
  • Tables
    • Costomizable
    • Exportable
  • NaviAnalyzer will provide the ability to scope the logging (e.g. Only log NAR data for a specific LUN, RG, etc…)

In the first Navisphere release NaviAnalyzer will not conform the Common Management Interface.

Classic NaviCLI is going away completely in the next release of Navi so UPGRADE YOUR SCRIPTS to NaviSecCLI if you have not already.

Overall the screenshots look pretty good.


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