EMC World 2010 Initial Thoughts

Sitting in room 153A at a rather rudimentary Cisco session so thought I would take a few minutes to write up my initial observations and comments on EMC World 2010 this far (only an 1 hour and 30 mins in):

  • I am hoping that the Cloud message is less nebulous by the time I leave on Thursday
  • Green is a theme, ice work with the bamboo plates at breakfast.  Also enjoyed NOT getting five million data sheets in my EMC goodie bag.
  • No backpacks or laptop cases this year, they have been replaced by a generic EMC branded bag.  Works for me because I can fit the giveaway bag into my normal bag so I don’t have to carry two bags all day.
    • Assumed this was due to cutbacks but I was told by the guy at the registration desk that it feels like there are more attendees this year than in the past.  He thought the number was somewhere around 10k attendees.
  • Social networking is very visible, with Twitter and FourSquare leading the way. image
    • Not sure that everyone here gets the FourSquare thing, EMC has created a ton of venues but you would think that a swarm would be easily attainable at a technology conference with nearly 10k attendees.  I think a fair number of attendees may need a mobile device upgrade, the StarTAC is no longer an acceptable cellular device, having the StarTAC car kit in your Mercedes does not justify holding onto the phone πŸ™‚
  • Nice work with the mobile app
    • http://emc.tripbuilder.com/mobi
    • Who knows, maybe next year there will be an actual iPhone and Android app so we can jettison the session guide and save a few trees.
  • Finally it is obvious that like Apple ownership of the letter β€œI” EMC has laid claimed the letter β€œV”
    • I understand but does every product need to really be prefixed with a β€œV”?
  • Only one guru level session, very disappointing.
  • Looking forward to hearing about V-Plex, Unisphere and attending the session on automating Virtual Provisioning with Windows PowerShell
  • Hoping the V-Plex and Unisphere session are more than just marchitecture

Here is wishing everyone a great EMC World 2010.  If you don’t have FourSquare installed on your mobile device, I will assume you are either a StarTAC users or posting your updates to MySpace πŸ™‚

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